Fuck you guys. Yes, you too.

2012-08-12 09:55:18 by AnubisInc

I hate you all with a passion. Unless you like our music, if not, yeah fuck you. Fuck you, a lot. Constructive criticism is appreciated, you don't like the music, tell me why, don't just vote 0, don't just ignore it. SAY SOMETHING! Use that brain your deadbeat father gave you. Come on then...Tell me why you don't like it fucker.

Fuck you guys. Yes, you too.


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2012-08-12 10:36:01

That really hurts man. I never voted 0 on any of your songs, I haven't even seen your username before! And I thought my father was a pretty good guy but... if you say so. :(

AnubisInc responds:

Lmao I was kidding xD It's okay. Your father was a great man!


2012-08-12 15:06:22

Yep, that totally sucks. I sometimes wish that Newgrounds would do a little bit more against those haters. Of course, rating submissions is cool, but that system is nearly perfect for hating, even anonymously hating. I feel with you since one of my songs has been "hate-killed" as well.

AnubisInc responds:

This guy gets it. Did I link you to your video I put up?


2012-08-27 20:06:22

At least you practice what you preach and review other music pieces. I'll do what I can...

AnubisInc responds:

Thank you! we're not perfect but we try to support as much as we can!


2012-09-14 18:45:38

the fuck is that?

AnubisInc responds:

Werewolf and merman standing in front of a ghost standing in front of a factory.