Moment of Clarity.

2012-10-10 22:27:16 by AnubisInc

I'm kind of ashamed of what I've become in music. I don't like how I have so much darker stuff here, and all this kind of...wannabe feel to it. I don't even remember how I got to this point, but I'm done with it. From this point on, the music I post will only be my pretty soft music. I don't have the passion for hip hop. I like my more electronic feels. If you're here for hip hop, you're probably going to be disappointed because the closest I'm going to hip hop from here is Trip hop, and rarely most likely.

I think what went wrong, is that when we joined Phazer Gang we kinda got wrapped up in the whole idea of Anubis Incorporated, But I'm done with that. Anubis Incorporated is absolved. There will be a name change, also the album that was planned will probably be cancelled because of my lack of time. I just went to school and I'm in engineering so my time is quite limited. Outside of schoolwork, I'll be focusing on soft music and my poetry. I'm sorry if I let anyone down, I just don't have the heart for the dark stuff.

Sometimes it's hard to let go, but you just have to. Farewell Anubis Inc.

Anubis Incorporated is dead. Long live The Hilltop.

Moment of Clarity.


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2012-11-11 23:41:42

i am getting into makeing my own genre of music i think ill call it tech hop a mix of hip hop and techono r u getting into techno music? cause i cant wait to see whut u make :)

AnubisInc responds:

I'm getting a bit more into electronic. I'd like to hear some of your stuff you make.