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We make music that we like to listen to, hopefully you will as well.


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AnubisInc's News

Posted by AnubisInc - August 8th, 2011

They just got finished making their promotional video featuring BB the Jerk! Also featuring one of Anubis Inc.'s Songs! Take a peek!

Posted by AnubisInc - July 14th, 2011

So there is no Anubis Incorporated anymore....BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE NOW WE'RE SOKIX N' DOWNPOUR! :D. Working on collabs, lyrics and other things right now. If you do really good lyrics, and want to have a go at singing for us, send a pm. We are looking for any and everything right now, we're just experimenting with styles. I love you all.

Here's my newest song I wrote!

Agony...the sight of you and him together
Irony...guides my mind through incliment weather
I judge...though I give no room for explanation
I cry...when I deal with complication

I know this love is real
I know it's all for you
I want to hide what I feel
But what can I do?

My eyes...know not of wonders beyond the brink
The air...burns my eyes but I don't want to blink
The time...I have is slowly ticking down
Look around...now your feet are off the ground

I need a little more time I pray
When I see you start to leave
I ask for you to stay...
That soon trns to begging please

Pathetic...I look like the incarnation of
And yet...I can't let go of the love
The truth..Is nothing I can avoid
I know...of love, you're devoid

The tears, they stain my face
As I watch you slip away
I begin to worry and pace
As I watch your eerie gaze

You love me back don't you?
But you just don't have the words
I don't know what to do...
But I want to...
I want to hold you close
Through the fire and the flood
I want to share with you
Why I love you the most.

And as my heart skips a beat
My legs start to run
My body begins to lift
And I slip...

And as we're falling from the cliff
I look deep into your eyes
I love you more than him
And we die.

And our newest song!

And here is an amazing song!

At the Bird's Foot Remix

Posted by AnubisInc - June 13th, 2011

Now we're getting work done. We've actually started work on the game music now. Making good time I'd say. Look for us! Also looking for an artist for commission anyone? So now I leave you with new artwork we have done and a song by our one and only Tony P!

Okay...so we're actually working now.

Posted by AnubisInc - April 5th, 2011

You guys should check out some more of my groups music. Be honest guys. I'm trying to get a little more out there. Also in recent news, we're doing a soundtrack for a video game soon. So Tom..if you see this ;) how bout a lil sponsorship. I'll keep making more tunes if you guys keep listening. Shouts out to all aspiring musicians <3


Posted by AnubisInc - March 9th, 2011

We're still coming with the tunes. Check them out some time. Also if you want us to listen to your stuff send it to me by pm and I'll give it a good listen. GOOD MORNING WORLD. Wake up with Anubis.

New music up!

Posted by AnubisInc - January 28th, 2011

Hey my group is Anubis Inc. We're just starting out. We have musical experience though so we're trying our hand out on beat making programs. WOOOOO FOR US RIGHT? All we have right now is Acid Studio (Boo!) But soon I'll have something new for us to use maybe Reason 4.0!!!!! (YAY!) ANy recommendations? We're gonna be pretty experimental, but I'm a dubstep/hardstyle guy to my core, Tony P, is a Hip Hop fella, and SoKix da Abstrackt is a DnB/club music type. We just need something that can do all of that. So, yea I just wanted to come in and say HEY PEOPLE! Check out some of my stuff sometimes.