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Terror Galaxy

2015-12-11 16:23:17 by AnubisInc

We here at Anubis Inc Headquarters have been doing a project called Terror Galaxy. This project consists of us posting a beat every day all through December. Newgrounds doesn't have a whole lot of traffic so we haven't been posting it daily here, but we have on Soundcloud. It's been pretty chill so far, you should check it out!

Soooooo yeah....ANUBIS INCORPORATED IS BACK! and ready to take over over the world...starting with Newgrounds!

As we continue to create beautiful , top quality music and instrumentals for the masses to vibe to; we'll also be taking this year to take over and dominate the hip hop realm of . which means you'll be seeing alot more rap/Hip Hop coming from this page! BUT don't fret we'll be churning out the same amount of smooth, laid back electronic music you've come to know and Love from A.I!

we'll also be reviewing alot more music from other artist on NG as to start a movement to get more people reviewing each others work. We can all use the criticism.

Also thanks to members in our umbrella team "Phazer Gang" we'll be starting to get to work on special projects! All that is hush hush for now but here's a hint.... it's outside our section on NG ;)

welp thats all for updates more to come soon! sorry for the hiatus but it feels good to be back!

Anubis Inc x Phazer


Moment of Clarity.

2012-10-10 22:27:16 by AnubisInc

I'm kind of ashamed of what I've become in music. I don't like how I have so much darker stuff here, and all this kind of...wannabe feel to it. I don't even remember how I got to this point, but I'm done with it. From this point on, the music I post will only be my pretty soft music. I don't have the passion for hip hop. I like my more electronic feels. If you're here for hip hop, you're probably going to be disappointed because the closest I'm going to hip hop from here is Trip hop, and rarely most likely.

I think what went wrong, is that when we joined Phazer Gang we kinda got wrapped up in the whole idea of Anubis Incorporated, But I'm done with that. Anubis Incorporated is absolved. There will be a name change, also the album that was planned will probably be cancelled because of my lack of time. I just went to school and I'm in engineering so my time is quite limited. Outside of schoolwork, I'll be focusing on soft music and my poetry. I'm sorry if I let anyone down, I just don't have the heart for the dark stuff.

Sometimes it's hard to let go, but you just have to. Farewell Anubis Inc.

Anubis Incorporated is dead. Long live The Hilltop.

Moment of Clarity.

Fuck you guys. Yes, you too.

2012-08-12 09:55:18 by AnubisInc

I hate you all with a passion. Unless you like our music, if not, yeah fuck you. Fuck you, a lot. Constructive criticism is appreciated, you don't like the music, tell me why, don't just vote 0, don't just ignore it. SAY SOMETHING! Use that brain your deadbeat father gave you. Come on then...Tell me why you don't like it fucker.

Fuck you guys. Yes, you too.

Shoutouts to JazLyte!

2012-08-04 17:57:11 by AnubisInc

For making this sick ass artwork for our music group! If you haven't yet, you need to go check out Jaz's videos now! Starting with my favorite 4150

Afterwards you should check out some of our music!

Thank you for the support and love! We have new stuff coming, and if you need some artwork done, ask Jaz, he's great at it and loves doing it!

P.S. I haven't forgotten that favor ;)

Shoutouts to JazLyte!

Will Make Music for Animators! Also, looking for an animator!

2012-05-28 11:39:53 by AnubisInc

I don't know if you're an animator, or just make videos, or whatever, but ANUBIS INC WILL MAKE MUSIC FOR YOU! I don't know if you know this, but we love you. A lot. And we like to help you! Anubis Inc is willing to do song requests and donate music to whatever your cause is! All you have to do is ask! We want to branch out more, so don't be shy, if you like our music ad want to use it, feel free!

Also we are looking for an animator to do a music video for us, if you can do that it would be amazing! Inbox me and we can talk about the terms!


2011-11-22 19:56:18 by AnubisInc

LADIES AND GENTS!!!!! We bring to you the 1st music video off the new album "Poorly Drawn Hearts"

The ending is a cliff hanger to our ....-Wait for it-.... ANUBIS INC MOVIE!!!!!!

We are almost done with the album just in the final recording stages so BE...ON....THE....LOOK OUT!

Thank you all for the love and support more music and videos coming soon!



Open Letter to Your Heart...

2011-11-06 18:54:45 by AnubisInc

Our album is dropping soon. I hope you guys are around when we drop it. Love it. Embrace it. Poorly Draw Heart is coming soon.

Open Letter to Your Heart...


2011-10-19 12:07:45 by AnubisInc

Hey Newground Friends!

We here at Anubis Inc have ALOT going on as of now!

Like our new video on youtube including all our members Downpour, Sokix and Tony P! Please make sure to Like, Comment and subscribe!

Next; Our member Tony P has just released his new Mixtape "Hoopty Muzik"! It's an amazing body of work and you all should go listen and download RIGHT NOW


AND LAST BUT MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST! WE HAVE BIG, BIG, BIG NEWS! We...ANUBIS INC... are beginning our 1st official album...

Yes We're beginning work on an amateur album titled "Poorly Drawn Hearts" which will be updated about regularly here on Newgrounds!

Thank you everyone for checking our page out and be sure to come back regularly for new music!



Hullo Newgrounders!

2011-09-18 14:24:25 by AnubisInc

Got some more music for you, I hope you enjoy. A lot of work and time goes into the music. Drop by and listen in for a bit! My favorite musical artists are Little Dragon and Tv on the Radio. Who are yours?
Blue Night Oh yea...also... I'd like to get into making dubstep (as it's been my favorite genre for years) . Anyone willing to show me the ropes?

Hullo Newgrounders!